4 ways to buy your wine online

With the digital world today, the trend of online shopping is ever increasing. With more and more online retailers emerging, your option for buying your favourite wine online has never been so simple. Here is our list of 4 ways to buy wine online in 2019.

Online Wine Shops

Online wine shops to buy wine from home

There are hundreds of online stores available today that allow you to order thousands of different wines from all over the world that can be delivered right to your doorstep. This makes finding specific varietals, vintages or sales simple and convenient.  Also, there are often options that allow you to set up any notifications to notify you when any particular wines or specials occur – keeping you in the loop with any information you require.
Some websites offer tens of thousands of wines available, some even include a monthly subscription box.

Online Wine Clubs/subscription boxes

Online wine subscription box: Winc

The functioning of these websites is slightly different from regular online wine shops. You don’t realy buy wine online. It’s more like a wine club with monthly subscription fees. But in exchange, you get a case of wine every month.

The difference also lies in the fact that the wines are often a variety of different options and are often chosen on behalf of the customers, based on their taste. The customers are invited to discover new wines that they wouldn’t necessarily have chosen themselves. They are excited to get new, unexpected wines and discover new yet personalized wines based on their taste. How does it work? These websites ask a list of questions about the customer’s personal taste, preferences and they base the subscription boxes on the answers provided. They also give the opportunity to the customer to select the number of red and white wines they want to get in the subscription box – building the surprise case on their exact taste.

Online Wine Auctions

Online Wine Auction

Online Wine auctions are more for wine connoisseurs and collectors that have a wider knowledge on wines and their value. These online auctions display all the wines up for auction and the individuals can their bids on the wines they want. The highest bidders will be notified about their wines and have it delivered to their door. The wines involved in auctions are often of older vintages, rarity or from highly admired regions or producers.

Online Marketplaces

With online marketplace, the products available are not just specifically wine, but a range of different products. The customer then has access to a wide range of products, along with any wine they require. What makes this different from just an online wine shop? The consumers now can centralized their wine purchases. They simply add the wine to their cart with their other purchases, like any other product. Big ones like Amazon or eBay now include wine on their list of products.


Considering how easy, efficient and helpful online purchasing is when it comes to wine, it is no wonder that more and more consumers are using it as the preferred method of shopping! We are sure in the years to come, the online shopping options are going to be greater than we can ever anticipate!

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