A wine selection to make you travel

When we say “summer”, we mean “destinations”, “discoveries”, and “desire for elsewhere”. We are going to talk about the wine that makes you escape, travel, that evokes vacations and its destinations! We invite you to discover a selection of wines from around the world! Pour yourself a glass, close your eyes, and pretend you are on a trip!

A high altitude Bolivian wine

Wine in Bolivia
Campos de Solana

If we tend to evoke Chilean or Argentinean wines when we talk about South America, Bolivian wine has nowadays nothing to envy them. Especially since Bolivia has a real particularity: its high altitude wine.

We recommend a Campos de Solana. Cultivated up to 2400m, and made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Tannat, we get a complex wine with smooth tannins. We strongly recommend it!

Trip to Burma

Vineyard in Burma
Photo : Wine Explorer

This is a young country in terms of wine production! The only two Burmese wineries are located on the shores of Lake Inle.

We recommend the pioneer Aythaya, founded in 1999, with the first bottle opened in 2004! Try its Shan Pany Brut, an effervescent wine full of freshness and aromas, this wine is ideal to make you travel or at least to extend your evening.

Croatia: vines to discover

Try local wine if you travel to Croatia
Photo : Wine Explorer

If you knew Croatia for its soccer team, its beaches, and the settings of Game of Thrones, it’s time to get to know its wine! Indeed, in the last 20 years, Croatia has more than regained its credentials in the field, producing wines as extraordinary as varied.

If you try to convince yourself of this, we can only recommend a Coronica estate. Two varieties to choose from: teran and malvazija istarska. The “terra rossa”, typical red soils of the region, coupled with a microclimate and low yielding land will result in wines that are both rich and deep. Added to this, superb tannins and a beautiful freshness, here is a wine that can be drunk as well as kept. It is to say that we will travel with this wine!

Another possibility, a Stina estate, on the island of Brac, famous throughout the world for its white stone (called… Stina, you know). You can then taste an autochthonous grape variety, like the plavac mali, in red. A magnificent wine, concentrated and of a beautiful freshness.

Tunisia: a historical wine land

Wine tasting in Tunisia
Photo : Wine Explorer

The vine reigns since the Antiquity in the Maghreb, and especially in Tunisia. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines have always cultivated it. It still remains an important economic sector for the country.

To travel, head to the domain of the Vignerons de Carthage. We love its Pinot Noir, fruity, precise and velvety. A real success!

Another attractive domain: the Kurubis domain, the result of the association of a French wine grower and a Tunisian family. This young domain (first vintage in 2005) has everything to seduce! Its red Soltane is a gem. Made of 70% merlot and 30% syrah, it offers a discreet woody taste, on soft tannins. We love it!

A great Lebanese vintage

Wine in Lebanon

Some of the most beautiful wines of the Mediterranean are to be found there. Planted in the famous Bekaa plain, the Lebanese vineyard was very severely affected during the war. However, the owners were able to rebuild it by focusing on modernity, and they did well!

If we had to name only one, it would be Chateau Kefraya, a historic estate in the country. One can only admire the supple and silky tannins and its fruity side.


Bolivia, Burma, Croatia, Tunisia, and Lebanon, it is a world wine tour that we propose. It is as much a question of gustatory escape as it is of physical escape. Moreover, if we had to give you one last piece of advice, it would be this one: if the opportunity arises, go taste these wines where they are produced, discover these vineyards and their incredible regions!

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