Brunch: What wines can we drink?

A life without brunch is not worth living. And what about a meal without wine? From fruit to toast to sausage, here’s how to pair the four major wine categories with brunch foods. If you follow our recommendations, we promise you’ll avoid a hangover.


A popular choice for brunch. Love an omelet in the morning? Try a sparkling wine! If you like red meat in the morning (admittedly a rarer thing), you can go with a Lambrusco. This slightly effervescent red sparkling wine is your best choice, offering aromas of red and black fruits, with light tannins. If you’re more of a sugar lover, and like doughnuts, try Moscato of Asti. It is one of the best allies for a sweet brunch!

Sparkling wine at brunch


Rosé is a great idea for a brunch where you don’t want to ruin the rest of your day tired or with a bad headache. Negroamoro from Southern Italy is a great option because of its strawberry flavors and low sugar content. It is ideal for pairing with all fruits, especially berries. Similarly, Grenache could be an interesting choice. It would be ideal with eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce.

Rosé wine at brunch


For the dairy lovers at brunch, we would go with a Gewürztraminer or a Marsanne. Both are low in acidity and have a nice sweetness. They will also go very well with fruity cereals. If you’re more of a granola person, you can always go with a Nappa Valley Chardonnay. For egg dishes, enjoy a bright, dry white wine: Muscadet!


The morning is clearly not the time for a powerful wine. Light, slightly chilled reds will keep your eyes open after brunch. Gamay will be your best bet. This light and fruity wine will bring out the best in your brunch and will be your companion on summer evenings!

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