Accueil How to choose your wine ?

How to choose your wine ?

How to choose your wine when you don’t know much about it? How to choose your wine for an event? Wine is a drink for all occasions. But you will not have the same expectations according to the moment, the season, the place, the atmosphere… Anyway, choosing your wine is not always easy. And even if, for Aveine, wine is above all a question of taste, there are full proof methods to choose a wine that you will enjoy to its full potential. In our articles, we will explore the choice of wine according to the moment of course. But also, according to the film you are watching or the music you are listening to!

Wines for a party: how to choose?

Which wines to choose for a party? You want to organize a nice moment with your friends, acquaintances, or relatives and you...

Rosé wine: how to choose it well and drink it well!

The summer season is already well underway, and what better way to enjoy it than with a good glass of rosé wine?...

Questions to Karen MacNeil, the author of “The Wine Bible”

Aveine had the honor to interview Karen MacNeil, journalist, wine expert and author of the best seller "The Wine Bible".

Wine and basketball at the worldcup

Basketball world cup is always an event, espacialy since the 1992 Dream Team. But basketball is worldwide now so, who from Serbia,...

Light wines to enjoy your summer evenings

With the arrival of summer, we want to enjoy the outdoor evenings again. In this article, we propose a focus on light...

Independence Day: what wine should you drink to celebrate?

Beer is the most popular drink served in summer to celebrate a national holiday. But if you are a wine lover, you...

Netflix: which wine to drink while watching your favorite series?

The new trend is a good Netflix evening. But we're not going to deprive ourselves of a good glass of wine with...

Wine packaging: BIB, can, tube, VR, the new trends

Wine ignores conventions these days! If there are new ways of buying, storing and consuming wine, there is also new packaging!

4 ways to buy your wine online

With the digital world today, the trend of online shopping is ever increasing. With more and more online retailers emerging, your option...
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