Destination Peru: the wine and Pisco route

This year, Dakar 2019 took place in only one country: Peru! This is the opportunity for us to tell you a little bit more about the country and its wine. Indeed, if we know more about the wines in Chile and Argentina, but wineries in Peru also produce a very good wine! Let’s see what they got.

The Pisco Route

Peru wineyard
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If there is one “wine” that characterizes Peru, it is Pisco, a grape brandy. Obtained by distillation of the grape, just like cognac, this nectar ranges from 30 to 45° of alcohol. Moreover, Peru is not the only country to appreciate Pisco. Indeed, Chile also claims it as a national drink; which gives rise to some discord.

While the riders of the Dakar 2019 often stopped by the eponymous city of Pisco (at least 5 times during the different stages), we recommend you to try it as a cocktail: the traditional Pisco Sour is a must try. The recipe is very simple: 1 dose of lime, 1 egg white, 2 doses of cane sugar and 3 doses of Pisco. To be enjoyed chilled! If you prefer something fruitier, you can try Mango Sour, a blend of Pisco and concentrated mango juice. A delight!

Wine of Tacama: Peru’s flagship domain

Tacama: Peru’s flagship domain

From the 16th century, Tacama is the oldest estate in the country. It is also an area that has a very special connexion with France. Indeed, it is one of the first estates to import French grape varieties. Even today, Tacama is undoubtedly the most French area of the Peruvian domains. Renowned French professors and oenologists such as Emile Peynaud, Max Rives, and Alain Carbonneau have been able to work there. It is a French man, Frédéric Thibaut, who currently runs the place . Two of its red wines, Gran Tinto and Don pedro, are particularly well known in Peru.

So there are great wines to discover in Peru! Let’s bet that Pisco should be invited more and more to the tables of cocktails bars or European restaurants.

French version available here

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