Light wines to enjoy your summer evenings

With the arrival of summer, we want to enjoy the outdoor evenings again. In this article, we propose a focus on light wines, which are low in alcohol. These wines are perfect for the return of the sun. Indeed, they offer an original alternative and you will love it!

Let yourself be tempted by these wines!

Wines with a high volume of alcohol

Light wines

Today, wines tend to be more alcoholic than they were twenty years ago. Why? Unfortunately, this is a consequence of global warming. The sunshine in the vineyards is stronger. Indeed, the sweeter the grapes are, the higher the alcohol content will be

However, to be considered as wine, a bottle must have an alcohol volume greater than 7.5 %.

Light red wines

Light wines

For an evening with friends, we recommend a red wine from Languedoc-Roussillon. Our suggestion is a bottle of Roc d’Anglade 2016. With its 12% alcohol content, this sweet wine will be perfect.

Are you planning a barbecue? Grilled meats also go very well with lighter and more fruity wines. Choose a Brouilly from Beaujolais or wines from the Loire Valley.

Our recommendation is a Brouilly Cuvée des Poètes 2016 from the Bernard Jomain estate. It has an alcohol content of 12.5% and is very pleasant on the palate.

Finally, you can also choose Italian red wines. Why not try a Barbera d’Asti or a Valpolicella? With an alcohol level between 11 and 12 degrees, these wines are perfect to start a summer evening! We recommend Signore Giuseppe Valpolicella, with 12% alcohol.

Light rosé wines

The return of the sun inevitably reminds us of the pleasant image of a glass of rosé wine on a sunny terrace. Rosé wine is served fresh, and we advise you to plan your next dinners by putting the bottles in the fridge now!

We appreciate drinking a grey rosé from Domaine Casanova. This Corsican wine has an alcohol content of 11.5%. What could be better than a wine that offers lightness and freshness on the palate?

Are you looking for an original and light wine? We know what you need! Try a sparkling rosé. Jean-Paul Brun’s FRV100 rosé is produced in Beaujolais from Gamay vines. This sparkling wine will surprise your guests. In addition, its alcohol volume is only 7.5%!

Light white wines

Light white wines

Finally, it is impossible to forget these fresh and fruity white wines which are very pleasant during our aperitives!

We recommend a wine from the south of France with an alcohol content of 9%. Try a Coteaux du Libron from La Colombette estate. This wine is very pleasant: it is fruity and round on the palate. La Colombette Estate also offers red and rosé wines with an alcohol content of 9%. This is perfect for light wines lovers.

We wish you a good tasting! And don’t forget your Aveine Smart Wine Aerator !

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