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For those who don’t know, the WSET – Wine & Spirit Education Trust – is the most important diploma in wines and spirits. It is internationally recognized and it’s a true institution in the wine sector. The WSET allows everyone to learn different tasting techniques to be able to talk more precisely about wine. It is a real asset on your resume since it is recognized on every continent!

The Levels of the WSET

There are four different levels of WSET:

  • First, level 1 is for wine lovers who want to learn the art of wine tasting
  • Then level 2 which is more technical. We will find questions about the grape varieties, the wine regions, wine labelling and wine making.
  • Level 3 is for professionals. The aim will be to highlight the different stages of wine production: viticulture, winemaking, maturing or even the bottling.
  • Finally the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines is an expert-level qualification covering all aspects of wine.

1- Questions about wine

bottles of wine

Here is a series of questions that can help you to get ready for the WSET. The questions are about wine in general.

1 – What is the style of Chablis?

2 – Which country produces the most wine (by volume) in Europe?

3 – What does the mention BSA (Gross Ageless) on a bottle of champagne?

4 – What are the terms “Gross” or “Gross without dosage” referring to on a bottle of champagne?

5 – What characteristics are generally attributed to a “Blanc de Noir” Champagne?

6 – What does a mature Margaux generally looks like?

7 – What characteristics are generally attributed to a Barolo?

8 – What are the aromas of a corked wine?

9 – What is Armagnac?

10 – Where are the sensors detecting bitterness located?

2- Questions about grape varieties and wine-growing regions


The next series is about grapes and wine producing regions.

1 – What is the most common grape variety in Bordeaux wines?

2 – In France, which wines do we associate with the “Riesling” variety?

3 – With which grape variety is Cognac made?

4 – From which grape variety is a Champagne made with the mention “Blanc de Blanc”?

5 – From Which grape variety is a Champagne made with the mention “Blanc de Noir”

6 – What is the most common grape variety in red Burgundy wines?

7 – What is the most common grape variety in white Burgundy wines?

8 – Which grape variety of origin of the Cahors has an important success in Argentina?

9 – Which grape variety is used to produce Meursault (Burgundy wine)

10 – Which grape variety is used to produce rosé wines in Spain?

11 – What wine is made from “Pinotage”?

12 – Which grape variety is used to produce famous white wines in both Germany and Australia?

13 – What is the main region of Sauvignon blanc from France?

14- Which region has a reputation for producing the best Chardonnay wine?

15- Which regions are part of the Rhône Valley?

16- Name one of New Zealand’s wine-growing region?

17- Which grape varieties are grown in the Alsace region?

18- In which country is Cava produced?

19- Where is the region called “Constantia” located?

20- Which regions have a reputation for producing exceptional Sauvignon Blanc?

21- In which country is the designation DOCG used?

22- Which is the main grape variety in the blending of Anjou rosé?

23- Do we mostly drink young or old Pinot Noir?

24 – Which grape varieties are often found in French and Spanish rosé wines?

3- Questions about wine production

glass of wine and bottles of wine

Finally, here’s a series of questions of the WSET concerning the production.

1 – What do old oak containers (often barrels) bring?

2 – What term is used on Italian wine labels to indicate that grapes come from the historical centre of the production region?

3 – What does the Solera system refer to?

4 – Compared to red wines, at which temperature do white wines make fermentation?

5 – From which parts of the grape does the color, tannins and flavor come from?

6 – What does the German term “spatlese” mean in the wine sector?

7 – Which factor is the most dangerous for wine production?

8 – What is Botrytis?

9 – Of what size is a standard glass (ISO)?

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