Should old wines be aerated?

We often think that old wines should always be aerated. An old wine is fragile and will prefer not to be rushed. The aeration of an old wine can therefore be dangerous. Nevertheless, and as always it depends on the wine. If it proves to be very tannic, it will appreciate, like a young wine, a controlled aeration. However, few vintages still offer powerful tannins after long years of inactivity.

Old wines should be carefully aerated

old wines

If you choose to aerate an old wine that does not necessarily need it, it may lose a lot in the mouth. Indeed, if its tannic structure collapses, it is also its intensity and power that escape. Contact with oxygen may therefore cause them to become unbalanced.

Aeration of an old wine is therefore recommended if it is particularly powerful and tannic. On the other hand, if it indicates a lighter structure, aeration should be avoided. Feel free to taste it to make your choice.

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