Top 10 most expensive wines in the world!

Some bottles are sold at ridiculous prices, but others are worth a fortune. The equivalent of a house for a bottle of wine, it seems impossible, unreal? Yet it exists! Welcome to another dimension! We have made a top 10 list of the most expensive wines in the world. Let’s start with the cheapest… if we can say so! Be careful, these bottles are not to be put in the hands of the clumsy!

# 10 :  Egon Muller, Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA). Mosel 2017 – 20 836 euros 

Egon Muller is a true legend in the wine world and Germany. Riesling is transcended. A sweet style for the most famous of regions, the Moselle. The production of this TBA cuvée is on a trickle. It varies according to the vintage. Some of them are not always produced! Extreme concentration, extreme finesse, and extremely rare. This is the winning blend of one of the greatest and most expensive sweet wines in the world!

# 9 : Liber Pater 2015 – 30 000 euros

Liber Pater is produced in the Graves wine region, in the Bordeaux area. Its creator, Loïc Pasquet, offers a unique vintage, made from free-run vines. So, the vines are not grafted, with the somewhat provocative promise of making you rediscover the true taste of Bordeaux wines. However, you will have to have the means to do so!

# 8 : Henri Jayer, Richebourg Grand Cru 1985 – 46 818 euros

Henri Jayer is a legendary winemaker in Burgundy. His wines are all worth a fortune. He is credited with producing the quintessential Pinot Noir in Burgundy. He has also revealed terroirs, notably the famous Cros Parentoux. His parcel in Richebourg Grand Cru is the most famous. Prices in the auction rooms could soar again if more bottles come back on the market!

#7 Château Yquem, Sauternes 1811 – 85 000 euros

Château Yquem, Sauternes appellation is one of the most famous and renowned wines in the world. This sweet wine has always been one of the greatest names and was distinguished in 1855 as the only Cru Supérieur of the Premiers Grands Crus Classés during the mythical classification of the same year. So, when very old vintages are found in auction rooms, prices soar. The 1811 vintage was worth 85,000 euros in 2011. Nice investment, isn’t it? Still, one must have the patience to wait two centuries!

# 6 : Anatoile Vercel, Vin Jaune du Jura, 1774 – 103 000 euros

One does not necessarily think of the Jura when one speaks of expensive wines in the world. But this is a mistake! The Jura region produces very great wines. The Vin Jaune for example, has the particularity of being able to survive the passage of years very well. Adjudged 103,00 euros in 2018, the bottle that had never left the property is now considered the oldest wine in the world known.

# 5 : Block 42, Penfolds Kalimna, 2004 – 136 000 euros

Most expensive wines in the world: Penfolds

Now we’re heading to Australia with a limited edition of 12 boxes from the Block 42 parcel in Penfolds. These very old Cabernet Sauvignon vines are extremely well known. This box is truly amazing. It captures the history of the Penfolds family with an exceptional concept. In fact, wherever you are in the world, call Penfolds the day you want to open this bottle. A representative will come and serve it to you! Luxury at its best for 136,000 euros.

# 4 : Château Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac 1869 – 198 695 euros

Most expensive wines in the world: Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Many consider Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac appellation as the greatest wine of Bordeaux, and the greatest red wine of the 5 Premiers Grands Crus Classés 1855. This mythical estate is never cheap and here again the oldest vintages sell at a very high price. The 1869 vintage sold for $233,000 in 2010 at an auction in Hong Kong.

# 3 : Cheval Blanc, Saint-Emilion 1947 – 259 125 euros

Another mythical property of Bordeaux. This time we are on the right bank, in the Saint-Emilion appellation. The mythical Château Cheval Blanc has particularly distinguished itself with the 1947 vintage which has become legendary. Indeed, this unusual wine was offered at auction in an unusual format: in 6 liter imperial, for a price of 304 000 dollars in 2010!

# 2 : Domaine de la Romanée Conti 1945 – 482 000 euros

Romanée Conti is in second place. And you must have been waiting for it, because yes it is THE flagship vineyard of Burgundy! Everybody wants to taste the wines of Aubert de Villaine, which is not able to satisfy the ever increasing demand. The prices have been soaring for a long time. Concerning the exceptional 1945 vintage another sphere was reached, at 558,000 dollars, in 2018 in New York. Incredible!

# 1 : Petrus 2000, Cuvée de l’espace – 830 000 euros

Most expensive wines in the world: Petrus

And now here is our big winner of the most expensive wines in the world. It is said to be worth $1 million … or 830,000 euros. That’s the estimated price of the most expensive bottle in the world! Petrus, vintage 2000 is a bottle that is usually around 5000 euros. The subtlety is that some bottles were sent into space for a period of 14 months. This is a world first and this is what made the estimate jump. We will hardly know if such a price will materialize. Of course, the planned sale will be private and therefore confidential, but such an estimate clearly leaves us speechless!

Will they ever open the most expensive wines in the world?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of those people who did not hesitate to spend a fortune to acquire these bottles. Some are real pieces of history and would have their place in a museum. And you, would you open this bottle?


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