Veneto, a great wine region in Italy

Famous for its magnificent port city Venice, Veneto is also the most important wine region in the country. Indeed, it accounts for 25% of the total Italian production. In addition, it is the second wine region to have the most DOCG* (after Piedmont) and has a wide variety of indigenous grape varieties. If you plan on visiting Venice during this carnival season, we are now offering you a zoom on this very special region.

A generalized wine production

Venice, main city of Veneto, the Italian wine region

It’s simple: in Veneto, wine is everywhere. The vineyards extend from the foothills of the Dolomites in the north to Lake Garda in the east, and to the other side of the Piave River above Venice. There are three main wine-growing sectors in Veneto.

To the northwest, Lake Garda has an alpine climate that makes it an ideal place to produce dry white wine, or sweet red wines. In the centre, there are plains around Padua whose heights are home to superb vineyards. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the main crops grown there. Finally, in the northeast, we find the famous Prosecco sparkling wines.

Veneto, a beautiful variety of wines

2 glasses of prosecco from the Veneto region

Valpolicella wines are one of the greatest specialties of Veneto. The winegrowers blend the Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella grape varieties to obtain them. In each of these wines, we find aromas of cherry and even a slight touch of bitterness.

The Amarone style wines are particular. Indeed, they are made from grapes dried at least 3 months, then vinified. This produces a powerful wine with body, which has aromas of chocolate, amber rum and leather.

Finally, Prosecco is the star wine of the region. This dry or semi-dry effervescent has a refreshing and creamy acidity.

So, there is not only Venice to discover in Veneto. If you visit the region, do not hesitate to discover the estates, or simply taste the local wines!

*Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita, in short DOCG, meaning Denomination of controlled origin and guarantee, is an appellation that certifies the origin and quality of a superior quality wine falling within the category of DOPs in Italy.

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