What to drink by the pool?

Summer has arrived. It announces long afternoons of sunbathing and relaxation by the pool. We necessarily wanted to recommend some wines on this occasion. Here is our selection!

Rosé: Lazy Creek Vineyards, 2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir

The lazy Creek rosé is of color deep salmon to almost pink in the glass. The nose has hints of strawberry and wild honey. In the palate, you may find fresh acid notes.

Pinot Noir: FEL Wines Pinot Noir 2016, Anderson Valley, California

A perfect wine for your chill time by the pool. Well-balanced and easy to drink, the FEL Wines Pinot Noir is a must-have in summer. The mouth is layered and richly textured, with a long palate that leads to a long finish. Not a cheap one though, but it is worth any pennies.

Sauvignon blanc: Bernardus Monterey Country Sauvignon Blanc

Bernardus is probably one of the best producers in California’s Carmel Valley. If he makes amazing red wines, his Sauvignon Blanc is perfect as well. All the grapes are hand-pickled during many successive pickings at various ripeness levels in order to have a broad palette of flavors and acidity levels from which to create the final blend. Definitely worth trying by the pool!

Pinot Grigio: Canyon Road Pinot Grigio, California

Canyon Road wines are known for their affordability. Indeed, most of their bottles retail for less than $10. This one fits really good by the pool. It has hints of green apple and floral blossom. It leaves a refreshing and revitalizing finish on your palate.

Chardonnay: Driftwood Estate, Artifacts, Margaret River, 2015

Smooth and well balanced, this Chardonnay from Drigtwood Estate fits perfectly with the end of the day. The aromas of black berry fruit are enveloped by soft tannins, that carries the wine to a sweet finish.

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