Which are the new wine countries?

The world wine consumption is higher every year. Some old wines countries tend to consume less wine every year, but some new wine countries entered the game and produce very interesting and quality wines. Aveine takes you on a tour of the wine world, highlighting one country per continent. Here is our top 4 of the countries from the new wine worlds!


Wine in Uruguay, a new wine country

This small country located between Argentina and Brazil is the fiefdom of wines from Tannat. The vine was introduced in the 19th century by a European from the Basque Country. Most of Uruguay’s production is located along El Rio de la Plata and in the province of Salto, which is regularly among the best wines produced in the world. There are wines with high alcohol content (often around 14°), with melted tannins that give a certain roundness to the wines. We recommend you the Rio de Los Pajaros 2015 of the Pisano estate!


New Wine country:  Romania

Romania is probably one of the new world of the old continent. Since the end of the dictatorship, this historic wine country is in a renewal process. The Romanians cultivate international grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Noir. They also turn to indigenous varieties such as Feteasca Negra, Feteasca Alba and Tamaiosa. These grape varieties offer a beautiful aromatic richness and bring a fruity taste to the wine.


Vineyard in China
© wineingxia

China is the new wine eldorado. The country is starting to produce quality wines. We advise you to visit the Ningxia region. The region has more than 180 wine estates. Yes, in China we think big!

In March 2012, the region even joined the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) as an observer. The preferred grape variety is Cabernet. However, Marselan (a grape between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache) also appears. This grape produces a spicy and fruity wine.


Wine in new countries: Tanzania

Did you know that wine in Africa is made elsewhere than in South Africa or North Africa? In fact, Tanzania has recently seen its wine-growing activity develop through several major wineries. To discover this new wine country, you can visit Karatu Country Lodge. This small town opens onto the imposing Ngorongoro crater. Several vintages are to be discovered. You can find a white wine made from chenin; a red wine, a blend of syrah, aglianico, marzemino and reoldego (Italian varieties), as well as a rosé.

Wine is experiencing strong growth in Africa and is becoming a real challenge. The continent must indeed meet the demands of tourists but also those of the upper middle class.

If you want to continue the trip, consult our article on the best wineries in Peru.

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