Which wine should you drink if you don’t have a vacation?

August is traditionally the month of vacationers. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), some people prefer to travel outside the summer season. Aveine dedicates this selection of wines to them. So which wine should you drink if you don’t have a vacation?

Azienda Fabio Gea, Green Palma, 2016

Wine vacation with Azienda Fabio Gea

To begin ideally these non-vacations, we invite you to escape to Italy with this wine by Fabio Gea. This winemaker is very committed to the respect of the land and the environment. He took over the family vineyards in southern Piedmont in 2010 and it is from the old vines of the estate that he makes this Green Palma. This gives it a powerful mouthfeel that we love!

Bodegas Marqués de Riscal

Wine vacation in Bodegas Marqués de Riscal

After Italy, a little trip to Spain? Bodegas Marqués de Riscal is the oldest bodega in the region, and one of the most famous. We can only recommend the Baron de Chirel. Production limited to the best years. A pleasant and fruity wine, with silky tannins. An elegant wine that will be a great consolation for those who do not have the chance to go on vacation.

A Rosé from Domaine de la Begude

Wine vacation with a Rosé from Domaine de la Begude

And why not a good rosé for the summer? It’s obvious, so to get away from it all, we recommend the Domaine de la Begude rosé. Intense and colored, it will surprise everyone! Its beautiful freshness and its fruity side give it a nice balance. A real sure value!

The Plavac Mali from Domaine Bastijana

Finally, if you are looking for something exotic, why not try a Croatian wine? The Plavac Mali from Domaine Bastijana is an excellent choice. Indeed, this red wine has a nice concentration. Fruity, fresh, a perfect red wine for summer.

So don’t worry if you’re not going on vacation, discover the wine you need and take the time to drink it in the best condition by using the Aveine aerator.


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