Wine is the new art: creator of experience around wine & art

Created in 2018, Wine is the new art is the creator of experiences around wine and art. Its primary purpose is to forge links between artists, winemakers, art and wine lovers, curious and neophytes, with the conviction that wine and art are vectors of dreams, humanity, fulfillment and dialogue.

They invented several types of experiences:

The oeno-arty experiments allow the wine to blossom in adequacy with the expression of the art. We are aware of the magnificent know-how and all the great abilities that shape a winemaker and an artist. The concept offers them the opportunity to express themselves, share their values and explain the work behind their respective works. Always in a warm and unifying atmosphere, like a glass of wine when you consume it. Why oeno-arty? The experiences take the dimension of an exhibition-tasting. All the actors representative of the declensions of the art (artists, culinary chief, musicians ..) are selected with care to correspond to the image of the vineyard. Each experience celebrates a new place nourishing the most diverse appetites in terms of style, architectural style or even concept.

Wine is the new art launches a new format of experience. The Tasting Conference involves wine professionals (researchers, sommeliers, vineyard owners) so that they can share their knowledge in a small committee, then have wines tasted to illustrate their ideas in collaboration with a recognized sommelier.

First event: 27th September

This Friday (27th September), Lavinia Madeleine is launching the new wine tasting conference format Wine is the new art. For this first edition, a Researcher and Doctor in Neuroscience comes to draw a parallel between the behavior of the brain and the aromatic perception during a wine tasting. A sensory experience that will mix Wine, Music and Neuroscience.

The next tasting exhibition will take place at the end of October, in exclusivity we unveil for readers of the blog Aveine that our partner Notoryou will be present to visit the vineyards of the Wine Estate present in .. Virtual Reality

Founder’s word: “Let’s bring together the wine and art they really deserve! Wine is the new art is born from a desire to share my passions, my knowledge of the world of wine and my fascination with art. I wish to highlight their assets, and prove the need for this unique and authentic way of life in our cultural life.”

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