Wine packaging: BIB, can, tube, RV, the new trends

tubes: a new packaging for wine

Nowadays wine ignores convention! If there are new ways of buying, storing and consuming wine, it also has new packaging!

Bag in Box (BIB)

new packaging for cubi

This is a packaging that you’ve probably seen already: a cardboard packaging of various capacities (from 2 to 10 liters). A pouring spout is connected to an inside pocket that holds the wine. Originally, this packaging, inherited from NASA, was used for industrial liquids. Quickly hijacked in Australia and in some Scandinavian countries, the “cubi” 2.0 was born!


Can: a new packaging for wine
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The can is no longer only for sodas or fruit juices! This format is ideal for consumption alone or outdoors, especially for picnics. This format leads to news ways of consuming wine. A start-up like WINESTAR has well understood that. Wine consumption can now be nomadic. This new packaging makes it possible to reach a new, younger, and less traditional public. An interesting way to discover wine. And bonus: the can is recyclable.


tubes: a new packaging for wine

Created about ten years ago, this glass tube designed by WIT France would look almost like a perfume bottle. It makes it possible to preserve great wines or spirits in the best possible conditions. The idea behind it was to surf the trend of wine by the glass and make it easier for producers to taste and sample.

RV bottles

RV on wine bottle

A fun concept inspired by the series “The Walking Dead”! Last Wine has indeed started to off wines with a very special label. Indeed, an application in augmented reality makes it possible to give life to the undead on the label. A surprising concept that has no other purpose than to entertain!

The new packaging therefore tries to help the wine enter the modern world, by adapting the container to current consumption trends.

There is a lot of innovation in the wine world. Check our article on the 4 new way to buy your wine online.

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