Wine temperature: which red wine should I drink chilled?

We often hear that red wine should be consumed at room temperature, and white wine should be consumed chilled. At Aveine, we like to shake up conventions and traditions a little. Above all, we believe that wine is a matter of taste. Everyone has their own, and everyone deserves respect. That’s why we looked for red wines that could be enjoyed chilled, and would correspond to certain palates that don’t dare to express themselves.

A living drink

It is important to know that temperature, like contact with oxygen, changes the taste of the wine. For example, a red wine at room temperature will have softer fruity notes and flavours, while the acid content and alcohol will be more pronounced. Wine is a “living” drink and reacts, in fact, to its environment.

Red wine chilled

Which red wine should we turn to?

A wine will be stronger when served at 18° C. But some will be much better at cellar temperature, between 10 and 13 degrees! When choosing a red wine to be drunk chilled, there is a principle to know: the lower the alcohol content, and the lighter the tannins, the better the wine will taste well chilled! We advise you to try grape varieties such as Grenache, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, Zinfandel, Frappata or Gamay which appreciate a little time in the fridge before serving. You can therefore turn to a Beaujolais, a Savoy or a Saumur. As far as food and wine pairings are concerned, it’s summer! The temperature rises! So we can’t help but suggest your chilled red wines while enjoying the sunshine at a picnic or a barbeque with friends!


This is not an exhaustive list of wines, or of combinations. As we are used to say at Aveine, all tastes are in nature and everyone deserves respect. So don’t hesitate to try whatever you like and share your experiences with us in the comment section.

You can test the AVEINE application! It will tell you how to drink your wine in the best conditions: at what temperature and what level of aeration!


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