Wines of Chile: best wineries to visit

It was in the middle of the 16th century that the conquistadors planted the first vines in Chile. The country intended to produce mass wine, the first harvest was in 1551. It is interesting to note the importance of the French in the Chilean wine. Indeed, in 1845, winegrowers from Charente and Bordeaux introduced their grape varieties to the region. Chile gave it back to us a few years later by intervening to replace the feet affected by mildew at the end of the 19th century. Today we will offer you a tour of the wines of Chile, between the Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean!

The Aconcagua Valley

There are not many bodegas in this Andean valley, but they’re all top quality! It is one of the most important places in Chile. This valley offers climatic conditions that allow the vines to mature slowly but constantly. It’s hard to miss Vina Errazuriz. Created in 1870, its single varietal wines have been awarded several times worldwide. The estate also offers master classes on wine and food pairing.

The Elqui Valley

It is one of the most important valleys in Chile. It focuses mainly on grape varieties such as Syrah or Carmenère. There is also a lot of Pisco, the region’s flagship drink. We recommend that you visit Vina Cavas Del Valle, one of the pioneers of the Elqui Valley. Syrah benefits greatly from its semi-desert climate. Relaxed atmosphere guaranteed!

The Limari Valley

It is often referred to as the “green north of Chile”. Indeed, the Limari valley offers spectacular landscapes. Here, the specialty is white wine! Take a walk around Vina Tabali. You can enjoy the engravings in its cellars which show the influence of the Molle ethnic group, as well as a splendid mural fresco representing the Enchanted Valley.

The Casablanca Valley

Nestled between the Coastal Cordillera and the Pacific Ocean, this valley is internationally recognized. If you choose to visit it, consider pairing wine and local cuisine. A true gustatory journey will be offered to you. You can also visit Vina Emiliana and may have the chance to meet the typical animals of the region in the middle of the vineyards and make your own wine blend.

San Antonio Valley / Leyda

Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc have made the reputation of this region with its cold climate and moderate rainfall. Vina Matetic is a magnificent estate where you can ride a horse or a bike. This natural environment is superb!

Cachapoal Valley

This valley offers wines with a very special texture, colour and flavour. Red wine is the speciality of the region. The Carménère grape variety, a variety of a French grape variety resurrected in Chile, is king. Vina Anakena offers wines that are emblematic of the region and which explains why Chile is on the world’s top wine list.

Colchagua Valley

Probably the most famous valley in the country. Indeed, its most emblematic vine is probably the Vina Santa Cruz. We advise you to take the cable car that will take you to the top of Cerro Chaman. You will be able to join the observatory and admire the constellations.

Curico Valley

Characterized by its cold winters and hot summers, the Curico Valley is home to the most beautiful grape harvest festival in the country! Not to be missed in March! Not to be missed too, the Vina Millaman! This splendid heritage residence and the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. A must-see!

Maule Valley

A rather peculiar valley. Indeed, there are very high-end services there. For example, you will be able to follow wine therapies. On the estate side, Vina Gonzalez Bastias has a cellar made of raw earth that is worth a look. You will also find 400-year-old jars there, and you can also go boating in the domain.

Itata Valley

A little jewel, as simple as that. The vineyards are surrounded by pines, and the region is home to some of the most audacious wines in Chile. The “pipeno”, a wine in a bottle and national pride has thus become an international reference in the region.

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