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When Nicolas goes out with his friends, everyone turns to him when choosing the wine. This is probably because his grandparents were winemakers. He will know what to choose and how to prepare it. But what Nicolas wants his friends to know is that when it comes to wine, he knows his own tastes and preferences but not theirs. That’s how the story of Aveine began: how to accompany those who love wine but "do not know" how to get the best of their wine? And it is based on these simple values ​​that Aveine was created to democratize the art of tasting, to disinhibit the relation to wine by revealing its essence and to discover our own tastes, free from stereotypes.


Aveine was born out of an encounter between three entrepreneurs with a shared passion for wine and technology. Nicolas Naigeon, biomedical engineer, born into a family of winemakers, Matthieu Robert, product Designer and Nicolas Kamennoff, AI Expert. It was naturally over a bottle of wine that they came up with an idea for a device that would reinvent wine tasting.

The Aveine experience

The adventure started with a simple observation: no device on the market could aerate wine precisely. This step, a little bit mysterious and yet essential to appreciate wine in its optimal condition, is often left out. So, what is the secret to aerating wine? How long do different types of wine need to breathe? Is decanting wine really necessary? Thanks to the Smart Wine Aerator and its AI-driven app, you can now focus on the enjoyment and experience of tasting perfectly aerated wine without having to wait.

Matthieu ROBERT CMO / Designer
Christopher PACCARD CTO
Arnaud de Rodellec Sales Manager
Géraldine HEUSE Developer
Margot THIMONIER Graphic Designer
Florian CHAZAL Developer
Thomas CHAUVEAUX Community Manager
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