FAQ about the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

In this FAQ, find frequently asked questions about the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator and the mobile application.
If you have any questions, please contact us at communication@aveine.paris.


Where does the idea come from?

The idea was born from a simple observation: wine is better when it is aerated. But it's a step you often skip, you don't really know how to do it properly... And it takes time! Aveine had the idea to help consumers integrate this stage of aeration with an easy-to-use object that can save time, be fun, and above all be transportable to share the experience with friends and family. Find more here.

The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

What is wine aeration?

Aeration is the best and worst thing that can happen to a wine! Aeration reveals wine’s flavors. When the wine is aerated, it develops all the aromas and allows to get rid of unpleasant flavors at the same time. But it is necessary to be careful: if the wine remains open for too long, it will lose all its aromas.

How to use the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator?

The use of the aerator is very simple: you just have to placed it on the bottle, then scan the label, the app determines the ideal aeration level and then the wine can be poured.
-The adjustment can be done manually from the touch screen of the device.
-Within the 2nd version, a temperature sensor has been integrated into the aerator
Important: it is when the wine passes through the aerator (i.e. on serving) that it is instantly aerated. The device will simply inject air as the wine passes through.

What happens inside the aerator when the wine passes through?

As the wine passes through the object to the glass, it passes through an aeration chamber developed by our team. At this point, the aerator injects ambient air into the wine to accelerate the aeration process.

How to clean the device?

The Aveine smart connected wine aerator can be cleaned with water. There is no need of detergent. Do not put it in the dishwasher. A simple drip of water through the pouring spout is sufficient.

What if my aerator doesn't work or no longer works?

In case of technical problems, contact us at communication@aveine.paris and describe the problem in a few sentences and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How is the database built?

Part of the database comes from data provided by the professionals we work with. There are also some data that are royalty-free. We are constantly enriching it, with the help of professionals with whom we work, and also from the community. We are constantly looking for partners to enrich this database.

How much wine is in the database?

At the launch of the app, there are 6,000 wines referenced. But this figure will be constantly changing.

Who determines the aeration time of wines?

Whenever possible, the producers themselves indicate the aeration time they consider most suitable for optimal consumption of their wines. Otherwise, we work with some sommeliers, oenologists and wine professionals who accompany us. In parallel, we have developed an algorithm allowing us to propose an aeration of wines.

How does the algorithm which determines the required aeration time work?

The algorithm is in fact a kind of decision tree that, depending on the information given about the wine (red/white/pink; vintage; grape varieties...), will provide an ideal aeration.

What happens if the wine is not in the database?

If the selected wine is not in the database, the algorithm integrated in the app will determine a recommended aeration time. According to some elements collected on the label, the algorithm will search the database for similar wines, and propose an aeration based on these results.

What if I don’t like the proposed settings?

Everyone has their own taste in wine! We offer an optimal aeration time depending on the selected wine. If it is too much or not enough, you can adjust manually the aeration time from the touch screen of the aerator or directly on the mobile app.

The Aveine mobile app

Is the app available on iOS and Google Play (Android)?


How much does it cost to download the app?

The app is 100% free of charge and can be used without the aerator.

In which languages is it available?

The app will be available in French and English initially.

What can be done with the app?

- Connect the app to your aerator
- Scan a wine label
- Have a specific recommendation about the aeration of my wine
- Have access to technical information about wines: origin, grape variety(ies), color and alcohol content
- Refer back to an interactive map to get to know the Aveine ambassadors, in order to discover the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator in a bar, restaurant or wine cellar.
- Discover information on the Aveine wine blog

You wish to buy the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator:

Where can I buy the Aveine smart connected wine aerator?

The aerator is available on our website as well as from our ambassadors, with whom you can also try it out. You can find them on our app in the interactive map.

When will the product be delivered?

The first products will be delivered in 2019. You can track your order at any time on our website.

The aerator is a gift, what should I do?

If you wish to offer the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator, we can send you a gift card that you must print on both sides. To receive your card, contact us at communication@aveine.paris

I would like to talk to a member of the Aveine team

You can contact our after-sales service at communication@aveine.paris. We undertake to answer you within 9 working hours.