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"Perfect match between technology and tradition."
Raphaël Huet Responsable général Flagship Caves Legrand
“The effect is amazing. The wine is more complete and more harmonious.”
Raphaël Aubry-Marais Propriétaire Appellation & Co
“Amazing! I never thought it could be so obvious! The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator enhances the full potential of the wine.”
Bastien Bosch La Compagnie des vins surnaturels
"It's amazing and very easy, you don't have to wait anymore.”
Sébastien Cascarino Propriétaire Le Canaille Gourmet
“I find the aerator convincing in the sense that it has not distorted the identity of the wine. Finally, an efficient aerator!
Alexandra Bourgoin Reponsable Oenotourisme Château Gigognan
"Aveine is the future of wine service! Really easy to use."
Théo Plaisant Chef Sommelier Champeaux (Alain Ducasse)
“The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is a real answer to a need when it comes to wine tasting!”
Henri Chevallier Cave/Bar à vin Ambassade de Bourgogne
"The aerator highlights the wines. You can now taste it in ideal conditions"
Lan Groison Propriétaire Le Mazenay
"The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is super convenient for all wine lovers, whether they are professional or not. It makes wine service more fun. Proper aeration is important for my customers!"
Smaïl Siyar Bar manager Hôtel L’Echiquier Opéra Paris
"There is a clear olfactory improvement and a real difference in the roundness of the wine. And, the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is really easy to use!"
Vincent Gallois Manager Bistrot des vignes
"The result is astonishing! The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator really improves the wine without altering it."
Christophe Noël Directeur du restaurant Le Relais
"What a surprise! The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is really well-designed, making the grip and use of the aerator very comfortable. It's really an amazing idea!"
Tejy Gauttier Responsable du restaurant Le Paname
“It really works! For clients, this is important because tannic reds like Cahors Wine need aeration.”
Christophe Bajon Vendeur Château Lagrezette
"Amazing! The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is the best tool to properly enjoy wine!"
Yvan Guarino Sommelier Caffè Stern
"There is real improvement. The wine becomes much rounder and smoother, and the flavors are really more pronounced."
Laurent Reglat Propriétaire Château de Teste
"The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator allows your wine to breathe. Moreover, you can choose specific aeration times according to your preferences! It really works!" 
Hugo Debray Propriétaire Domaine Debray
"The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is really interesting! While it tells you the perfect aeration time for your wine, it's also really fun to look for the one that best fits your tastes!"
Marion Merker Brand Ambassador Château de La Dauphine
"It's really an amazing idea! Aeration is an essential step for the tasting experience. And you can really feel the difference with The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator!"
Antonio Fraietta Caviste La cave des Tuileries
"The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is the future. A very nice discovery that will be with us for a long time."
Pierre Guignard Responsable Sommellerie Le Bon Georges
“The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is a stand-out product that creates a superior wine tasting experience.” 
Alexandre Morlier Propriétaire L’atelier des Sommeliers (Paris)
"As a restaurant owner, it's a real advantage! We can serve our customers the wine of their choosing perfectly aerated, without the wait.”
Appoline Richemond Gérante du restaurant Dixit Bar à Vins
“Very interesting. The difference is marked. The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator allows a real ease of service in addition to offering an optimal tasting to our customers.”
Elisa Combrouze Chef sommelière Benoit (Ducasse Paris)
“The design is awesome! It's really nice to see technological advances in an aging sector. The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator will fully support its users! "
Arthur Cachia Maître d’hôtel du Restaurant Les Fables de la Fontaine
“The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator defies time and transforms the wine in an instant."
Xavier Thuizat Chef Sommelier Hôtel de Crillon
"The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is easy to use and really efficient. The wine is immediately more open. You no longer need to wait to enhance any bottle!"
Priscilla Gregorio Responsable de salle Golf de Saint Cloud
"A surprising and innovative concept! Can't wait to use it!"
Laurent Delsauh Propriétaire Wine Therapy
"It is very surprising. I'm not into technologies in general but I can see it works, we can't deny it."
Les grandes Caves
"Simple to use and above all extremely effective, an opening of wines without alteration! This tool will definitely be a must-have companion."
Noé Jolivald Sommelier Le Café de la Bourse
"Thanks to the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator you can taste your wine in its most ideal condition instantly. Plus, it’s ergonomic and easy to use."
Fabian Lecoustre Sommelier L’Ecluse Saint Honoré

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