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The Smart Wine Aerator (by Aveine)

Once upon a time: Aveine. The perfect blend of ambition, tradition and innovation

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Sommeliers, restaurateurs, oenologists, wine shops, media … They discovered our product and wished to share their experience …

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The Aerator

To develop its full potential, a wine must be aerated. Knowing for how long, is an art. With the Smart Aveine Wine aerator, enjoy any wine in ideal conditions immediately. Simply place the aerator on the bottle, scan the label and serve. According to the wine identified, our aerator passes the right amount of air through the wine allowing it to breathe in an instant. It's immediate, portable, accessible, simple and fun.


Aveine is the meeting of wine and technology, the right balance between tradition and modernity. Our ambition: to create a new wine experience through connected objects to experiment with the French “art de vivre”.

Founded on discovery, pleasure and sharing, the Aveine brand presents its first product – the Smart Wine Aerator – using patented technology and AI to precisely aerate any bottle of wine.

Aveine is a classic Parisian but completely original start-up. It is the meeting of three friends and the sharing of a vision and desire: to make wine accessible to all.

Aveine today

Today, Aveine is a multidisciplinary team of twelve passionate people, led by the three cofounders, Nicolas Naigeon, Matthieu Robert and Nicolas Kamennoff.

Aveine is also our Ambassadors, Supporters, and Partners who work with us to create THE best wine experience.

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