The Smart Wine Aerator, by AVEINE

The Smart Wine Aerator, by AVEINE

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The Smart Wine Aerator, by Aveine, allows all wines to be aerated precisely and in an instant. It adapts to all types of wines and reproduces the necessary aeration time for a perfect tasting, without the wait.

The 1st Smart Wine Aerator, by Aveine is:
1 – An object already adopted by professionals
2 – Simple and quick to use
3 – Efficient and elegant
4 – A precise aeration for a perfect and instant tasting

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After uncorking the bottle, the aerator is placed on the neck.


By a simple scan of the bottle label, the app searches the database for the wine about to be tasted.


All that’s left to do is to pour the wine into the glass... and taste it.

The app

Because aerating your wine may seem complicated, Aveine has developed an app to accompany and control the Smart Wine Aerator. By a simple scan of the label, the wine is identified in Aveine's database. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the app then connects to the aerator to calibrate it and adapt the aeration precisely to the selected wine. Interactive and informative, the app is free of charge. If the Smart Wine Aerator and the app can be used independently, it is by combining them that the magic of the experience operates.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (W x l x H) 15cm x 5cm x 6cm
Graphical user interface 256 x 64 px, OLED 2.80
Touch interface Capacitive slab
Chipset Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
Power Supply 5VDC
Time of use 10 bottles
Connectivity Bluetooth 4
Accessories Charging station, power cable
Standard IP55, food-grade
Sensors Temperature sensor, accelerometer, bottleneck detection
Actuator Piezoelectric air pump